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Miss Tammy
26 May 2009 @ 01:32 pm
Let me start off by saying I know my wedding and everything that surrounds it is not as important to everyone else as it is to me.

However, I find myself feeling depressed that not many people can/want to come to my bridal shower. I am only having one, my friend Michelle is throwing it. It just seems close to everyone invited either cant or does not want to come. Most people who bothered to RSVP that they would not come did not give a reason (not that they have to) but it makes me think maybe I am not important enough to them, so they just do not want to come at all. Most people have not bothered to RSVP at all. There are even some who said they would come, and are now saying they cant. Not many people were invited, either, as I do not have many local female friends.

My sister said so what? are you worried about presents? Its not about the presents at all. It about feeling unimportant to those I feel are important to me. The invites went out like a month and a half ago, its not like people did not know in advance.

and I know this sounds silly, and people really are busy, and have to work, etc. I do not consider myself a selfish person, but right now I am having one of those "What about me??" moments.
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Miss Tammy
okay, so I know I havnt exactly been good about updating about the wedding, but slowly and surey plans have been made. In the morning I am going to order my flowers from the florist. Probably order the cupcakes form the bakery as well. (We are having a cupcake tower instead of a cake, I am so happy about this!) So here are some pictures of things I DO have and some inspiration pictures. (the flowers are just inspiration pictures)

First, some bridesmade stuff...

One of my bridesmaid, Shelley, was so scared to tell me because she thought I would be really mad, but she had to drop out of the wedding party. I was sad, but I understand her financial situation is not great. (she was going to buy a dress and throw me a shower, but can now do neither) plus shes moving in July AND just got engaged herself. I understand, am still kinda bummed though. However, she did agree to be a day-of coordinator of sorts. (She does party planning for a living for the most part, she knows what shes doing) So now my bridesmaids are

Michelle (my MOH), My sister Sherrie, my sister Crissy, my cousin Kali, and my friend Dena

and now, pictures!

cut for length..Collapse )
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Miss Tammy
11 January 2009 @ 11:22 pm
I forgot to say I got a new car. its a 2008 Pontiac G6. And its really cute and fun to drive. I still dont have any pictures of it yet. Maybe when it stops raining Ill be able to snap a few pictures.

Sorry Linny, I still dont have a picture of me sexily sprawled across the hood as you requested ;)
Miss Tammy
11 January 2009 @ 01:50 pm
I've gotten a few nudges from people encouraging me to update my journal. I know it has been a long time. I check my friends page many times a day, but I can't take a few minutes every now and then to update on myself? Apparently not!

I am still trying to plan the wedding, though I really need to kick it up a notch. We were thinking of doing a cupcake tower instead of a cake because I like cupcakes, and they are cheaper.

I have a couple of florists I need to talk to as well!

I am working as a substitute para-educator with the Kent School District in Washington, working mainly with special education kids. I love it, they crack me up. I would like a permanent position, but I dont want to take any position that comes up, id rather wait and apply at a school I know I like to work at.

I really dont know what else to say. my life isnt very exciting ;)

OH! Lindsey is prego again and thats very exciting for her and her family, so congrats to them!

Some days I have the thoughts of "I want a baby.." but then the next second I come back to reality and im like "nevermind". I know I am too selfish right now to have kids. Im not ready to wake up in the middle of the night and whatnot. someday. :)

I hope everyone is doing well in LJ land. sorry this post sucks, I just cant think of anything else to say. Love you guys :)
Miss Tammy
15 February 2008 @ 05:32 am
trust me.

But we got another kitty. :) We named Him Loki, and he is 8 months old. So still very playful and curious, but also very cuddly and sweet. He's a tuxedo cat (black and white) and has these bright yellow eyes which in most pictures reflect the flash so you cant see them, but in the first picture hes not looking directly at the camera so its okay. He's a cutie, and I must admit I like the little guy. so... 3 cats now.




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Miss Tammy
03 January 2008 @ 06:23 pm
Ok, hi. :) Its me, the person that rarely posts.

I dont know why im updating, I dont have much to say.


I hate my job. Not much to say in that category. They treat me like dirt, they dont care about my well being, I work my butt off for them and give them what they want, and no one notices. So, time to move on, if I could only find something...

Niece: Shes so cute, shes always happy and smileing and very good natured. Shes months now and doing very well.

Knitting: I made my first hat, and it sucks, but thats ok because even though I know it was going to turn out wrong, I still finished it. knit and learn, eh? ;) Ill just have to try again.

Strep: I was out of work yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow because I have strep. lovely. I dont know how I got it, because none of the kids had it.. who knows. Oh well, I stay home and knit. ;)

Home: we got a new cough and loveseat which is cool because before we just had a loveseat which sucked. Now we have a couch and 2 loveseats :)
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Miss Tammy
29 October 2007 @ 07:39 pm
As most of you know, on October 12th Nick and I got engaged. I can officially announce it now because I told my dad, and he was thrilled. (not sarcasm, he really likes Nick)

As most of you DONT know, I've been going through a small depression. It's work related, I HATE my job, and I dont hate much. I've been looking and applying and havn't heard anything back from anyone. I know I need out of my current job situation, but my choices are limited.

So, I tried to think of something that might make me haooy at least just for a day. And I thought "hey, theres a wedding show this weekend" and so I asked my friend Shelley and she said she'd go with me, and may be able to get us free tickets. She also happens to be one of my bridesmaids. She's beyond awesome. She was so surprised when I asked her to be a bridesmaid, even though she's been supportive of nick and I since before we even became an official item ;)

So here is my side of the wedding party.

Michelle - my matron of honor, and Ive been friends with her since kindergarten.
Sherrie - bridesmaid, my older sister
Crissy - Bridesmaid, my younger sister
Shelley - Bridesmaid
And Linny - Bridesmaid, if she wants to/can. She lives in England but said she'd be willing to fly in :) she's also beyond awesome. (Linny we're thinking we wont be able to get married fall 2008, so if you're preggo or have a baby around then, it will probably be a few months later.. but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it :) )

So yeah.. that's pretty much my life in a nutshell right now.

uhh.. I just had a birthday, too, but I didnt do anything for that it wasnt a big deal. (Im 25 now) ok... yeah

*waves to everyone* I know, I need to update more, I suck ;)
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Miss Tammy
20 April 2007 @ 07:16 am
It's nothing special and kind of small, but the baby wont care. I was running out of time being as the baby was due monday. (But still not here!) Pictures:

Whole thing:


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Miss Tammy
12 April 2007 @ 08:25 am
The whole reason I updated last night was because I wanted to tell this story though doesnt really seem important, was so weird to me. and I forgot to.

I gre up in Burien in the same house. I didnt move out until the end of the summer after Highschool I moved to my moms in Sumner. So I was almost 19. My dad still lived there though for a year or two more.

Well, the port wanted to buy the house and we kept saying no. but my dad wanted to move anyway so he eventually said yes, when the price was right. The port owned the house and they rented it out to different people. Whenever I drove past it when I was in the area there always seemed to be different cars in the driveway and they never kept the house looking nice like my dad did. (the flowers were all dead and the lawn overgrown and brown)

Well randomly Nick and I were in Burien the other night to do something, I dont remember, and my old house is gone. seriously its just an empty lot now. The 3 or so trees behind our house were still there. But the huge shop/garage my dad and my grandpa built back behind.. gone. the house.. gone... the driveway.. gone. One of the neighbors house was gone and the house across the street was gone too. Maybe if I would have seen the house boarded up first it wouldnt have been such a shock. But everything, including the driveway, gone. Just a dirt lot. And it was sort of hard to grasp because it was my childhood home and there were deffinately many memories there. I didnt cry or anything, but I was very shocked.

I still drive by our old house in Sumner too (that my mom lived in for 15 years I think?) She sold it a couple of years back so that was weird too. it was my other childhood home. But I know it wont be knocked down anytime soon. At least I can still drive by and look at it.

I guess this is all just another part of growing up.
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Miss Tammy
11 April 2007 @ 10:40 pm
I keep meaning to update... sorry!

let me see...

Work: I am SO busy! which is good, I guess. I get the hours. The supervisor is recouperating from her surgery, so Tracy (my old supervisor and good friend) is filling in for her. She's either A) opening a new site at a different school for next year or B) trading places with Julia (new supervisor) and staying at the current school and Julia going to the new site. she says if they do end up putting her at the other site, that She'll take me with her (I'm so very excited, I love working with Tracy) Im still doing child care, but Im sort of hanging around waiting for a new position to present itself.

Home - life: It's ok, the cats fight all the time, Nick plays his computer games, and we watch tv and eat dinner. We dont get much quality time together so im kinda sad. :( But its hard when we both work hard. No, Marriage in not in sight. (some of you have asked) I guess it comes down to we cant afford it. at least that seems to be the excuse ;) sigh... oh well, someday.

Pain: Ive been experiencing a lot of pain in my elbow and shoulder and Ive been doing some research and it seems I have tendonitis from knitting. Ive been knitting like crazy to try and get this baby blan ket done for my sister and I havnt to hold back so it doesnt get worse.

Pregnant Sister: She's due on the 16th! SO SOON! She could go into labor anyday now. SOOO exciting, im gonna be an auntie :) I will get this blanket done if its the last thing I do, so neener neener.

Ok im going to go to bed. not really anything interesting going on.. told you so ;)
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